So….I went over to my mom’s house the other day and I was SHOCKED to see that she still had her summer wreath hanging on the front of her house. On old, dingy, summer wreath. HELLO…it is October. Time for pumpkins, gourds, and all things FALL, right?!? This is especially shocking because my mother is one of the most sought after wreath designers in the world…YES, you read that right!!! A well known wreath designer, that makes thousands of wreaths a year, still has her summer wreath hanging in October.

Something is totally wrong with this picture! So, being the good daughter that I am I told her it was time for a change, and we decided why not repurpose the wreath that she already had instead of making a new one. The wreath was still in good shape structurally, so we thought just changing out some flowers and adding a bow would make a huge difference, and we were right. We kept all of the greenery and used that as our base to build on. We added three vibrant orange sunflowers with gold glittered centers, for a “pop” and small fall wildflowers. We popped off the heads of the yellow daisies, and replaced with orange daisies. We kept the teal hydrangeas, but removed the green ones, and took out all of the white wildflowers. We added a few more faux flowers in fall hues, and I made a three ribbon bow that we attached. The wreath turned out absolutely beautiful! What do you think? Would you repurpose an old wreath or just fork out the money to make or buy a new one?

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