Love love love watching and learning from the DIY videos! They make it so easy to learn how to make these beautiful wreaths.Thank you Grace Monroe Home for a Job well done. Tonya

Where to start…First I would like to thank God for leading me to Amanda and Sherry. The most valuable thing I have learned is to believe in myself and my designs, not to ALWAYS second quess myself. The passion you two have for all if us a whole is such a true blessing, and the bind and friendships we are all making ,as I and I’m sure many others have as well said, God brings people into our lives for a reason. The videos and tutorial, show me that there is no wrong or right way we are the creators and you all are the teachers, you give encouragement and confidence and truly want to see us succeed ..Thank you both so much for everything you do .Blessings to you all ..Oh and that no question is a dumb question 😉
Cindy Cindy

I have watched a lot of tutorials on the internet over the last few months. I really enjoy watching Sherry and Amanda because you know they truly want to bless others with their creative gifts and knowledge of technology. They encourage and inspire! Mary B.