Secret Vendor List

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Best Places to Purchase Wreath Supplies & Materials

When we first ventured into the world of wreath making, one of the biggest hurdles we faced was being able to find supplies to make our wreath designs at an affordable cost, plus we live out in the country so we needed to find places that we could order materials and have them shipped right to our door. We spent countless hours scouring the internet looking for wholesale and retail vendors that could provide us with supplies and materials to make beautiful wreaths that didn’t break the bank, and also allowed us to make a nice profit on our wreaths.

WE have done the hard work so that YOU don’t have to! In our Secret Vendor List we have included over FIFTY-FIVE of our favorite places to purchase wreath supplies and materials. This list is for both the seasoned wreath designer and a newbie wreath maker. For you convenience we have included both retail suppliers who sell to the general public and wholesale suppliers (require a tax ID). This handy list will save you TONS of time (which we know is very valuable) and LOTS of money (who doesn’t love to save $$$).


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