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Are you tired of…

  • Feeling confused about where to place your greenery and flowers?

  • Spending tons of money on floral supplies, and then never knowing how to properly use them?

  • Constantly being afraid you are doing this all wrong?

  • Struggling to make beautiful bows & pick out ribbons?

  • Hoping your wreaths will sell for a profit, but ultimately feeling disappointed and defeated when they don’t?

  • Feeling alone, like you have to figure out everything all by yourself?

…then, surprisingly, we have great news.

We created Design With The Pros Club because it’s everything we wish we had when we started making designer wreaths & growing our wreath business.

We’re here to support you through the highs, lows and and all of the amazing milestones that you know you can create.


  • Are you eager to unleash your creativity, or expand on the God-given talent that you already have?

  • Have you always been an admirer of beautiful wreaths, but have never known exactly how or where to start to make your own stunning creations?

  • Do you want to have fun & save money by making your own designer wreaths?

  • Do you have a creative or artistic side that is ready to burst out?

  • Have you spent too much of your precious time searching YouTube, Google, and Facebook looking for wreath making tutorials and training videos only to be left feeling discouraged, unimpressed, overwhelmed or frustrated?

  • Do you want to learn how to pick the best florals, materials, signs, and ribbons for your wreaths?

  • Do you need help with your flower placement?

  • Do you struggle with placing and choosing greenery?

  • Did you try your hand at designing wreaths in the past, but perhaps, life, fear, or overwhelm forced you to stop?

  • Do you want to make wreaths that have “WOW” factor?

  • Would you like to build or grow thriving business selling your wreaths?

  • Do you want to take your wreath-making from a “craft” to a work of “art”?

Did you answer “YES” to any of these questions?

If so, then you have come to the right place, because we know that YOU can create stunning wreaths too!

Our exclusive community is designed to assist both the brand new wreath maker and the seasoned designer. We share with you a series of trainings that will help you develop your wreath making skill at whatever stage of design you are in (even if you are brand new), grow confident in your ability to make wreaths, and learn new techniques to make your creations stand out above the rest.

Hey friend…let’s chat! 

Design With The Pros Club is something we dreamed about for a long, long time. We started Design With The Pros Club in 2018, with the aim of making it THE absolute best and most supportive online community for wreath-makers and aspiring floral designers.

As mother-daughter designers and business partners, we began our wreath & floral business in 2007, and have a passion for “making the ordinary home, EXTRAordinary!”

 We have been creating and selling our handmade designer wreaths for over sixteen years. In fact, we started selling in our online wreath shop before “selling online” was even a big thing! Over the years we have learned all the do’s and dont’s of creating wreaths that have “wow” factor, and how to market and sell those wreaths to create a thriving & profitable business.

Hundreds of thousands have watched and learned how to make wreaths and bows from watching our DIY videos and wreath making tutorials, and we both feel so blessed and honored that we are able to share the knowledge that we have learned over the years with other aspiring wreath-makers and designers just like YOU.

We have no doubt that YOU can create stunning wreaths too, because at one time we were exactly where you are right now, and we have made it our purpose and calling to encourage, motivate, and inspire you to become the very best wreath maker and floral designer that you can be.

No more struggling trying to figure things out all by yourself, come link arms with us, and let’s cultivate your skill and passion together!

 See you on the inside.

Amanda & Sherry xo


What is Design With The Pros Club?

Design with The Pros Club is an exclusive community of wreath designers and artisans learning to master the “art” of wreath making and create stunning creations that will stand out above the rest. We have beginner wreath makers all the way to seasoned designers in Design With The Pros club. You are welcome no matter what level of skill or expertise you have.

When you join Design With The Pros Club you become part of what we like to call the…family!

Think of it as your one-stop shop for inspiration…creativity…and exclusive trainings to help you turn your passion into reality. It is a place for you to be inspired and motivated. A place for you to work towards your goal of creating breathtaking wreaths, whether you want to make them for your own front door, or to grow a thriving handmade business. And speaking of  business…when you join you will gain instant access to tons trainings showing you step by step how to take your passion for making wreaths and turn it into a full time business!

Here’s what you’ll gain access to…

Over $4,500.00 in complimentary training, videos, and tutorials!

  • A brand new pre-recorded featured wreath training video showing you step by step instructions on making a beautiful new wreath design every month!

  • A monthly pre-recorded featured business training video going over a specific topic for growing your business!

  • A list of supplies needed for that months featured wreath design, as well as where you can purchase the supplies!

  • A SECRET Facebook group with Sherry & Amanda, and other aspiring wreath designers and business owners where you can ask questions, get feedback on your designs, and get new ideas and encouragement

  • An exclusive Facebook “Live” bonus broadcast, where you can watch Sherry or Amanda (sometimes both!) make a bonus wreath, and where you can get ask questions and have them answered right there, during the broadcast

  • Tips on choosing the right materials, colors, and designs for where your wreath will be displayed!

  • An inside look at our professional secret short cuts, and the tools we cannot live without!

  • Access to special training videos, tutorials, and tips on how to sell your wreaths and grow a profitable business.

  • A community of like-minded creators to give you inspiration, encouragement and ideas! (Our community is unlike any other – we consider ourselves a family!)

  • Tips and video trainings for turning a hobby into a thriving business!

  • Insider info on where to purchase supplies. An opportunity to be selected to have your Facebook business page, Etsy page, or online store critiqued, with tips to help you improve and gain sales. (We do a limited number of critiques, which are chosen on a first come, first serve basis.

  • A group coaching live Q&A session with Sherry & Amanda where you can pick our brains EVERY MONTH!

  • Instant access to ALL of our past featured wreath tutorials and business training videos  (Over ONE HUNDRED videos!)

  • Access to our monthly wreath critiques – this is a member favorite!

  • Yep…you get ALL of this for only $27!


Here’s Just a Small Handful of the Training Videos You Will Gain Access to:

How to Make a “Jolly” Snowman Wreath
How to Make a Christmas Swag
How to Make a “Golden Autumn” Wreath
How to Make a Mardi Gras Swag
How to Make a Fall Pumpkin Wreath
How to Make a Luxury Autumn Wreath
How to Make a Farmhouse Wreath
How to Make a Summer Bee Wreath
How to Make a Summer Welcome Wreath
How to Make a Floral Mesh Wreath
How to Make a Halloween Witch Wreath
How to Make a Chalk Board Wreath
How to Make a Tuscan Wreath
How to Make a Cotton Wreath
How to Make a Lemon Boxwood Wreath
How to Make a Magnolia Leaf Wreath
How to Make a “Decadent Roses” Wreath

How to Make a Festive Christmas Wreath
How to Make a Wedding Wreath
How to Choose Greenery
How to Make a Farmhouse Swag
How to Make a Moss Wreath
How to Make a Watermelon Wreath
How to Make a Table Arrangment
How to Make a Deco Mesh Wreath
How to Make a Wreath Bow
Facebook Marketing 101
Etsy Shop 101
How to Open an Online Store
Pinterest for Business
How to Take Pictures of Wreaths
How to Make Graphics & Banners
Facebook Ads for Beginners
How to Box and Ship Wreaths
…ALL of this and so, so much more ONLY inside the Club!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is currently only $27 to join the club. You are locked in at this rate for as long as you are a member!
Absolutely! When you purchase an annual membership you get TWO months free! You can also purchase a bi-annual membership (this is our most popular membership) and you get ONE month free.
If you choose to sign up through the monthly payments, then your first payment will be due the day you sign up. From there, you will be billed every 30 days. If you chose the bi-annual or yearly option, you will receive a significant discount based on the plan you choose. Your membership will renew unless a cancellation is made. Cancellations can be easily made at any time by CONTACTING US HERE.
Obviously we’d love it if all of our members stuck around forever – but we certanly understand that things come up.  So, if you do decide to cancel obviously we’ll be very sad, but if you’re intent on leaving then you may cancel anytime. Just inform us that you would like to cancel at least 3 days prior to your next billing date in order to not be charged for that next billing period. Cancellations can be easily made at any time by CONTACTING US HERE.
We are committed to making sure each and every one of our members receives the royal treatment when they join! We limit enrollment to a few times a year so we can create an experience where new members are warmly welcomed and supported, and can get the absolute most out of Design With The Pros Club!
No! We welcome you at any level, and we have a special series of training videos for beginners.
After payment you will be prompted to register and create your login information for the training library. You will then receive an email with a copy of your login credentials, as well as a link to the secret Facebook group. Don’t forget to request access the the secret Facebook group once you receive the private link. That is where all the interactive fun happens!
It’s time for you to take action and invest in yourself. Simple as that. If you really want to learn to create designer wreaths then you need somewhere to get answers to all of your questions – especially the ones you don’t know you have yet. You need support, community, and most of all… accountability!

Design With The Pros Club is that place. If you really want to create gorgeous wreaths with “WOW” factor, the time is now.

See What Others Are Saying About Us

I have been a member of Design with the Pros for a few years now – the improvement in my wreaths, centerpieces and bows is astounding – I have turned my business into a very lucrative one thanks to all of the tutorials that Amanda has on the site. Best investment I have made in my business. Bobbie Carlson

Design with the Pros is so much more than a wreath group. We are a family who not only truly care about one another but offer support and friendship. Sherry and Amanda are inspirational teachers and motivators who honestly care about this family of women and men.  This group includes folks of all skill levels and interests. Susan Chatterton

Mrs. Sherry and Amanda make it so easy to learn how to make wreaths. They were so patient with me. They truly love what they do and it shows in their work!

I am not the kind of person to say good things if I don’t mean it. I have been in this group just over a year now, and I LOVE IT! Sherry and Amanda are amazing, they are sincere and honest. The way they teach is so comfortable and down to earth. If you don’t understand something they are teaching, Sherry and Amanda will take the time to show you. They both care about their business and it shows. We are like family in this group, we share our Beautiful Creations, sometimes we ask for help from each other if something just doesn’t look the way want it. It’s like no other group I have joined. We all want to support each other. I would also say for myself personally how thankful I am for all the tutorials that are available to us. HUGE PLUS!!! It’s also fun to look forward to what our new monthly creation will be. Everyday is packed full of fun, if you miss something you can go back to watch the replay.
One more thing I would like to say about this amazing group. I am a woman of Faith, I believe God put us on this earth to help each other, to love each other and to spread the Good News of our Heavenly Father. No one in this group ever makes me feel uncomfortable because of my Strong Faith. I look forward to welcoming you to this FABULOUS GROUP.

I was so scared to work with florals and grapevines. You ladies showed me how to do it step by step. And I Have to say I have made some gorgeous ones. You gave me confidence and knowledge that I would not of had, if it wasn’t for my favorite mother and daughter mentors. All I can say is Thank You, Thank You. Thank You. ❤️❤️ Deborah

A few years ago, I trusted a friend with teaching me how to run. She was a pro and I knew I’d be in good hands. On our training runs, she would grab my water bottle off the ground where I had set it and she would run ahead of me, just a few paces. She would hold my water bottle out just far enough that I’d have to run faster and to reach it, all the while smiling and saying ” Come on… how much do you want  this?”  I’d laugh and run harder, faster, farther.
Being in this group with Sherry and Amanda’s gracious guidance, support and encouragement, reminds me of that water bottle. They don’t just give you answers, tips, suggestions…they gradually and gently PUSH you out of your comfort zone, make you believe in yourself, and give you the courage to fly out of the nest of wreath making.
The very best part about being in this group? Sherry and Amanda provide a learning environment free of gossip and negativity. This is a safe place, to learn the professional techniques to wreath making, advice on growing your business, if that’s your goal,  and realize your dream of making truly beautiful creations.
Come be part of an amazing group, provided by two truly gracious and talented women. You won’t regret it. “Come on…How much do you want this?”
Nan Madruga

I have watched a lot of tutorials on the internet over the last few months. I really enjoy watching Sherry and Amanda because you know they truly want to bless others with their creative gifts and knowledge of technology. They encourage and inspire! I also love the spirit of encouragement and celebration between all the group members. Mary B.

Love love love watching and learning from the DIY videos! They make it so easy to learn how to make these beautiful wreaths.Thank you Grace Monroe Home for a Job well done. Tonya

I’ve been with Design With The Pros since beginning, and I’ve loved all of the information I have attained in creating wreaths and growing my future business. I love how each style of wreath we learn to make can be changed up and created our way. The people in our group lifts each other up and supports each other’s creativeness. Sherry and Amanda have helped me to take my wreaths from normal to extraordinary.

April Martin

I have learned that out there in this world are lots of amazing people and you’re very lucky to find one or two of them but when you meet two at the same time you are great. That’s what I’ve found in you and Amanda. You don’t care to help with any problem we have. You and Ananda have taught us to never give up. It doesn’t matter age, race or situation if we believe in ourselves wand have to great teachers and friends we can do it. Love you both and thank you for all you have taught me. Mary R.

Although I haven’t been a member long, the personal touch Sherry and Amanda give is a real confidence builder. They know their stuff and are generous with instruction and insider tips. I appreciate that they are both wonderful teachers and always give me the starting point I need to go forward from the level I’m at. Bonnie R.

I have learned so much. I’m not afraid to think outside the box, mix colors and textures. Most of all, I appreciate my own worth, so I charge accordingly. Joining this group has been a true blessing. Thank you both for sharing your talents. Lori H.

I have only been in the group just over a month & made my very first wreath last month. I have learned so much from how long to keep your stems, how to make my own pick, all about the fabulous Bowdabra, the Surebonder skillet & on & on. I have really enjoyed all of your expert tips & putting them to use making my own beautiful creations. Brenda M.

I love this group of ladies and how supportive they are to all the members and how supportive Sherry and Amanda are and how helpful they are with any problem that you have. I learn something watching every video that they present. Ann

Design With The Pros has added to a broader spectrum of creative ideas in wreath design. I look forward to each video and tutorial and feel that I am among friends in this group. Susan

After watching you two I am confident you are hard working Christian women helping people like me start a business to make extra money, in my case help with my retirement fund. Doing my first craft show this weekend, thanks for giving me confidence! Vickie

Since being in this group I have learned to design and create florals that I am proud of. I have learned how to place your florals to make a beautiful wreath. And the Bowdabra is getting easier. Amanda and Sherry have changed the way I look at things. I am blessed Lisa

Where to start…First I would like to thank God for leading me to Amanda and Sherry. The most valuable thing I have learned is to believe in myself and my designs, not to ALWAYS second quess myself. The passion you two have for all if us a whole is such a true blessing, and the bind and friendships we are all making ,as I and I’m sure many others have as well said, God brings people into our lives for a reason. The videos and tutorial, show me that there is no wrong or right way we are the creators and you all are the teachers, you give encouragement and confidence and truly want to see us succeed ..Thank you both so much for everything you do .Blessings to you all ..Oh and that no question is a dumb question 😉 Cindy

I love being a Design with the Pros member. I have learned so much. 1st the support is incredible, 2nd the techniques we learn in order to make our design prefect is amazing, and the best part is this group is like a family. Maria

I have learned so many design elements that I didn’t know before joining, and I love the members and the love and friendship that I have gained. Ann

The members are my favorite part, second to learning designs. Terri

I love every single thing about being in the design with the pros club!!! I have learned so much from Sherry and Amanda. They are two of the most loving and kind people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I feel that since I became a member I have gotten better and better at my craft!! Thank you girls for all you do!! Brandy

I have learned so much, I used to make flat wreaths, Not any more! I was afraid of color, not anymore. I have learned about depth and you start small and end up with a nice sized wreath. I love being critiqued and I love the knowledge I have gained. Thanks for letting me be a part of your family!! Tommie

I’m so thankful for everything I’ve learned from Sherry and Amanda. How to make wreaths, swags, table decorations and so much more. Thank you for Design with the pros. Ruby

I love the big design family! I love Sherry and Amanda, they have taught me so much and they have a heart of gold. The sharing of designs and learning from each other means a lot. Jean

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