Greenery Masterclass Video Tutorial

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 Unlock the Secrets of Greenery in Wreath Making: Your Ultimate Masterclass

Ready to breathe new life into your wreath designs? Dive into the world of greenery with our comprehensive tutorial guide and discover how to create stunning wreaths that showcase the beauty of nature.

What You’ll Learn:

🌿 Types of Greenery: Explore a variety of foliage options, from classic choices like eucalyptus and ivy to lesser-known varieties that add texture and interest to your wreaths.

🎨 Design Techniques: Master the art of incorporating greenery into your wreath designs with expert tips on placement, layering, and creating focal points that capture attention.

🛠️ Wiring and Shaping: Learn essential techniques for wiring and shaping greenery to achieve the perfect look for your wreaths, whether you prefer a loose and organic style or a more structured design.

🌺 Seasonal Inspiration: Get inspired by seasonal greenery and learn how to create wreaths that reflect the beauty of each time of year, from lush spring foliage to festive holiday accents.

📝 Step-by-Step Tutorials: Follow along with our easy-to-follow tutorials and create your own stunning wreaths, from simple and elegant designs to elaborate statement pieces that command attention.

Do you struggle with choosing the right greenery for your wreaths? If so, this greenery masterclass tutorial is for you!

Learning how to effectively use greenery doesn’t have to be hard! In this greenery masterclass tutorial, you will learn the ins and outs of using greenery to enhance your wreaths. Greenery is one of the most important aspects in creating eye-catching grapevine wreaths, and learning how to properly use and place greenery will help you take your wreath making to the next level.

This greenery masterclass tutorial was made exclusively as a bonus masterclass for Design With The Pros Club Students and is a favorite among our students! We are releasing it to the public for a very limited time.

This greenery masterclass will teach you to choose greenery with confidence! 

This 40+ minute tutorial is jam packed with highly valuable information that will help you learn how to confidently choose and use greenery to enhance your wreath designs. Also included with this greenery masterclass is a BONUS printable PDF list of some of our favorite types of greenery and where to purchase them.

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Gain access to our comprehensive step-by-step video tutorial that will walk you through each aspect of using greenery in wreath making, so you can learn at your own pace.

Why learn from Sherry & Amanda at Grace Monroe Home?

Sherry and Amanda are considered two of THE industry leaders in wreath design! Their designer wreaths can be seen on thousands of doors and homes all over the world. The design duo have been selling designer wreaths online for over 16 years and have taught thousands of other aspiring wreath makers the art of wreath making. Both Sherry and Amanda have a passion for teaching, motivating, and encouraging others and feel so blessed that they have been given the opportunity to share their knowledge, skill, and talent with others!

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