Having quiet time and reading a daily devotion can be a wonderful way to begin and/or end your day. These daily devotionals for women are full of biblical truths, insight, and words of encouragement. They are all written by women and offer hope, inspiration, and wisdom to grow in your faith.

1. You’re Going to Make It by Lysa TerKeurst

You’re Going to Make It, is a fifty day devotional book. This book includes fifty morning and evening devotions for a more peaceful mind and untroubled heart.

Daily devotional book by Lysa TerKeurst

2. Trusting God Day by Day by Joyce Meyer

Trusting God Day by Day is a book of 365 daily devotions by Joyce Meyer. This devotional book is full of inspiring nuggets of practical advice that you can easily apply to your own life. A devotion for each day of the year.

Joyce Meyer Daily Devotions Book

3. Seeing Beautiful Again by Lysa TerKeurst

Another encouraging devotion book by Lysa TerKeurst, Seeing Beautiful Again, promises fifty devotions to find redemption in every part of your story. This devotional book includes prayer prompts, Scriptures, and personal notes from the author.

Seeing Beautiful Again is a daily devotional book by Lysa Terkeurst

4. Strength for All Seasons: A Mom’s Devotional of Powerful Verses and Prayers by Julie Lavender

This book of devotion offers fifty-two weeks of truth bearing prayers and devotionals. Strengths for All Seasons, is written for moms of all ages and life-stages.

a Mom's book of devotionals

5. Unshakeable: 365 Devotions for Finding Unwavering Strength in God’s Word by Christine Caine

Unshakeable by Christine Caine is a three hundred and sixty five day devotional book filled with inspiring personal stories and powerful Scriptures. This devotional book encourages you to live confidently as the person God created you to be.

365 devotions for finding strength in God's Word

6.  He Whispers your name by Cheri Hill

He Whispers Your Name is a beautifully designed book of devotions offering inspiration for your every day walk of faith. Cherie Hill, encourages readers through scripture and personal stories. This devotional book is so lovely and makes a wonderful gift.

He Whispers Your Name Book of Devotions

7. Daily Hope for a Woman’s Heart by Sarah Beth Matt

Daily Home for a Woman’s Heart, is filled with beautiful reflections on God’s Word. This is a year-long devotion book with bible verses and nuggets of biblical inspiration. Each devotion allows for a few minutes of peaceful reflection.

Daily Hope for a Woman't Heart Devotion book

8. Trusting God with Every Breath by: Amy Mecham

Trusting God with Every Breath includes powerful Scripture, a daily devotion, and personal reflection to encourage you to feel God’s love, power, and redemption in your life. Written by Amy Mecham, this devotional book is filled with inspirational messages.

Trusting God with Every Breath devotion book

9. Secrets of Hannah: A devotional for women by Donna Maltese  

This women’s devotional is filled with inspiration and encouragement. In Secrets of Hannah, each devotion is tied to the Old Testament story of Hannah and her faithfulness. This devotional book makes a great gift.

Secrets of Hannah Devotional for Women


10. Daily Devotional Study by Mary Adamson

Daily Devotional Study by Mary Adamson provides a year’s worth of daily inspiration to encourage a deeper relationship with God. This book includes bible verses, reflection questions, and prayer prompts. It also includes a companion study journal with space for reflective writing.

Daily Devotional Study for Women

11. Quiet Times With God by Joyce Meyer

Quiet Times with God is another great devotional by Joyce Meyer. Begin your day with peaceful meditations, thoughtful inspirations, and powerful Bible verses in this 365-day devotional that encourages quiet moments with God.

Quiet time with God devotional for Women

12. Prayer Journal for Women

This prayer journal for women is beautifully designed and crafted to encourage a deeper connection with God. This is more of a journal for personal reflection, rather than a traditional devotional. It is perfect to use during your daily quiet time.

Prayer Journal for Women

13. Prayer Journal for Women by: Shannon Roberts

Another Prayer Journal for Women, this one by Shannon Roberts, is a fifty-two week scripture, devotional, and guided prayer journal. This journal has encouraging prompts to help strengthen your walk of faith. It also includes weekly bible verses to memorize and meditate on.

Prayer Journal for Women

14. Too Blessed to be Stressed by : Debora M. Coty

Too Blessed to Be Stressed is a book of three minute devotions for women. This book packs a powerful punch with scripture, devotional passages, and encouragement. This is a fabulous any-occasion gift.

Too Blessed to Be Stressed devotion book for women

15. The Illustrated Words of Jesus for Women by Carolyn Larsen

This devotional book includes 366 days of calming illustrated and meaningful meditation on the words of Jesus. The Illustrated Words of Jesus for Women is beautifully artistic and full of life-giving reflections.

The Illustrated words of Jesus for Women daly devotional

These daily devotionals for women are a great way to spend a few moments of quiet time with God. Whether you read your daily devotion first thing in the morning, or in the evening before bed, it is a time of peaceful reflection and growth. I feel like my day goes more smoothly and peacefully when I take the time to read my devotion in the mornings. I hope these devotionals for women suggestions inspire you to spend time each day reading and meditating on God’s promises.

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Inspiring and encouraging daily devotions for Women