First let’s talk about WHY you should be doing Facebook Live videos

First: Facebook Live videos give people a chance to get to know you. It is a great way for your potential customers and fans to get an inside peek into what you do, how you do it, and who you are. We are a very visual society and people love to feel like they KNOW who they are purchasing from. KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST…people will purchase more easily from people who they know, they like, and they trust, and Facebook Lives give people a chance to really get to know and trust you.

Second: It’s important to do Facebook Lives because Facebook wants us to. They have already said that they value engagement and they are going to show pages and posts from people who engage with their audience. Facebook Live Videos are hands down the best way to do that. It gives your audience a chance to ask questions, and for you to ask and answer questions which creates engagement, and ultimately develops a relationship with your community and audience.  

17 Tips For Doing Facebook Live Videos:

  1. Throw high expectations and  perfection right out the window! For real, FORGET about trying to be perfect. It is LIVE video so things are going to happen.  Just roll with it. That is part of what makes Facebook Live so great is that your audience gets to see things from and inside perspective and things don’t always go how we plan, but that’s ok. Don’t make a big deal about it. Just laugh it off and your audience will too!
  2. Relax and pretend like you are chatting with your best friend or someone close to you. This will help your audience see your personality.
  3. Don’t wait for people to join before you begin. Most people watch the replay, so go ahead and introduce yourself and what you will be doing when you see that you are “Live”.
  4. Make sure that you are in a well-lit room or purchase some inexpensive lights to use for your live. You can get some from Amazon for a great price. Also, make sure that your audio is good.
  5. Have a plan and be prepared. Have your supplies ready and available, and have an idea what you want to talk to your audience about.
  6. You want your Live to be at least 25 minutes for best engagement and if you go longer that’s great, but make sure you have a plan and aren’t just dragging it out just to take up time.
  7. Aim to do at least 2 Lives a week. This will get the most engagement and Consistency will build your following.
  8. Connect with your audience, don’t be too salesy.
  9. Ask your viewers to share your video a few times throughout the broadcast.

10. Ask questions, answer questions, and “talk” to your audience. You want to get as many shares, likes, and hearts so that Facebook will show your video to more people.

11. Ask your viewers to “Like” and follow your page if they have not already.

12. Have only ONE call to action per live video. (Buy here, join my email list, etc..)

13. Prepare an intro (introducing yourself and what you are doing) and outro (reminding them of who it is that you are and what action you want them to take) that is comfortable for you.

14. Be authentic and relatable.

15. Have notes out of sight of the camera to keep you on track and remind you of things to say.

16. Put keywords in the title of your live video so that people searching for what it is that you do or sell can find it.

17. Have fun!

Now that you know the tips to creating a great Facebook Live broadcast, I hope that you will go and make tons of videos. Let me know in the comments if you plan to make a video soon!


Tips for Facebook Live Videos to Grow Your Facebook Page

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