Being from the south, we pretty much monogram EVERYTHING. Clothes, purses, backpacks, baseball caps, you name it and it can be (and probably has been) monogrammed. I have been seeing these adorable monogram flower letters popping up on my Pinterest board lately, so being a lover of both monograms and flowers, I had to give it a try!

It is actually really simple to make, and I basically just used things that I already had laying around. Now, we own a flower shop, but if you don’t have these things just lying around. You can get everything you need to make this DIY Flower Monogram Door Hanger at Dollar Tree or Walmart. *Some links may lead to websites where I am an affiliate. Click [HERE] for my disclosure statement.*

How to Make a DIY Flower Monogram Letter

Supplies You Need:

STEP ONE: You will want to begin by placing your poster foam board on a flat surface and tracing or freehand drawing the monogram letter of your choice. The dimensions of my letter were 16 inches x 11 inches.

How to Make a Monogram Flower Letter

STEP TWO: Use scissors or an x-acto knife to cut out the letter. This will be the base of your monogram door hanger.

DIY Flower Monogram Door Hanger

STEP THREE: Use a bread knife to cut floral foam bricks so that they cover your letter. Secure the pieces of foam to the letter with hot glue.

Easy Flower Monogram Letter

STEP FOUR: Use your wire cutters to cut your faux flowers and greenery stems and then lay them out and arrange them where you think they look best. I like to do this before gluing in to make sure that I have the flowers where I want them. Then use your hot glue gun to secure your stems in the foam. Use as many flowers and as much greenery as you like!

How To Make a Flower Door Hanger

STEP FIVE: Flip the letter over and glue a piece of twine or thin ribbon to the back of the letter. You will need to glue both ends, making a loop. This will make the letter easy to hang from a wreath hanger so that you can display it on your front door.

I really LOVE the way this flower monogram letter turned out, and I am surprised by how simple it actually was to make. I think this would be a great to make for a wedding or baby shower, or even to hang on the front door! Let us know if you plan to make one of these monogram door hangers!


How to Make a Floral Monogram Door Hanger

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