If you are looking for a romantic, picturesque destination, then Heidelberg, Germany is just the place you are looking for.

Heidelberg is a historic city in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. It is a bustling tourist destination that gives off major Hallmark vibes. It is such a beautiful city to visit and should definitely be on your list if you are visiting Germany.

Heidelberg Germany is a beautiful place to visit!

I recently took a day trip to Heidelberg, Germany from Darmstadt. I took a train, which was only about an hour ride. Then, when I arrived in Heidelberg, I took a bus into Altstadt, which is known as, Old Town. This was the second time I have visited Heidelberg, and I knew I definitely wanted to spend a good bit of time in Old Town. It is such a charming part of the city!

A walk down the streets of Heidelberg, Germany

My husband and I visited Heidelberg a few years ago, and we both enjoyed it so much. After my first trip to Heidelberg, I absolutely fell in love with the city and its rich history. I knew that I definitely wanted to go back to Heidelberg on my most recent trip to Germany.

The Marktplatz, which is Market Square, is a must-see in Heidelberg. It is filled with shops, restaurants, and historic architecture. It is a bustling area with so much to explore.

Old Town is such a romantic and quaint area. Walking down the cobblestone streets, you feel like you have stepped right into a Hallmark movie. The architecture is beautiful.

Beautiful Shops in Heidelberg

Heidelberg is such a dreamy destination. It is full of culture, food, and entertainment.

The city is well preserved and clean. It is very easy to navigate if you are walking around, but there are several guided walking tours that you can take if you choose.

Come visit Heidelberg with me

Market square has an abundance of restaurants with outdoor seating. You can easily spend several hours browsing the shops and having a meal in one of the many restaurants.

Cafe in Heidelberg Germany

I enjoyed lunch at a cute little restaurant right in the center of Market Square. I spent some time people watching, and admiring the beauty of this gem of a city. My lunch was delicious!

Lunch in an outdoor cafe in Heidelberg Germany

After lunch, I walked up to Heidelberg Castle. You can take a cable car, or make the climb up to the castle. I opted to climb the stairs up to it, and it was a bit of a hike. I will probably take the cable car next time, but at least I got a good workout in after my delicious lunch!

German Castle

Heidelberg castle is a bustling and popular destination for tourists visiting the area. It is an impressive historic landmark that is said to attract more than a million visitors each year. Visiting the castle was a highlight of my time in Heidelberg.

Visiting castle ruins in Heidelberg Germany

If you are visiting Heidelberg you definitely don’t want to miss exploring this castle. It is truly an incredible experience. I enjoyed walking the grounds and learning all about the history of the castle.

Heidelberg Castle in Germany

The historic Castle of Heidelberg is in partial ruins but it is well maintained. There is a cafe inside where you can have a meal, and you can also spend time exploring the gardens and castle grounds.

One of the world’s largest wine barrels is located inside the castle. When I say this wine barrel is huge, you have no idea. It is massive!

Giant wine barrel in Heidelberg, Germany

Here is a photo I found from the first time I visited the castle in Heidelberg. As you can see, the wine barrel is impressively large! But…this is actually the smaller of the wine barrels inside the castle. There is actually a much large one. Unfortunately, I can’t find the pictures I took of the largest wine barrel (you will just have to trust me when I say it is VERY, VERY large).

Inside the castle is The German Apothecary Museum. Many years ago, I worked as a pharmacy technician so I was excited to check out the museum. The admission to the museum is free, and there is a small gift shop where you can purchase interesting and unique items related to the museum inside.

Historic Apothecary Museum in Heidelberg, Germany

The Apothecary Museum is an interesting look inside historic apothecaries and pharmaceutics. I enjoyed seeing all of the old glass apothecary bottles, and walking through the museum. I highly recommend exploring the museum if you have the chance.

Apothecary Museum

The view from the castle is absolutely breathtaking! It is the perfect spot to take photos. I was by myself on my most recent trip to Heidelberg, so I had to opt for a selfie. Heidelberg castle overlooks the city of Heidelberg, as well as the Neckar River.

Visitning Heidelberg Germany

Heidelberg, Germany is a travel destination that is truly magical. From the magnificent views, to the rich history, it is definitely a destination worth visiting if you ever have the opportunity.

View of Heidelberg Germany from the bridge in Heidelberg.

The Karl Theodor Bridge in Heidelberg, commonly known as Old Bridge, is another must-visit in the area. It crosses the gorgeous Neckar river and is a stunning view of the mountains and river. It is a fantastic place to people-watch and take photos.

I have enjoyed visiting Heidelberg both times I went, but I especially loved going with my hubby, Justin. It is such a romantic city, and it is so nice to walk down the cobblestone streets hand in hand with the one you love.

Heidelberg, Germany is a romantic and pictures city to explore

If you have the opportunity to visit Heidelberg, Germany, be sure to explore the lovely walking trail along the Necker river where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, do some shopping if you would like, or visit one of the many restaurants to enjoy delicious German cuisine.


Heidelberg is a lovely city in Germany

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