Our family takes a trip to Tennessee every Christmas. We have done this for the last several years and we always have such a wonderful time. There are eleven of us who go together. We typically go to the Gaylord Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, but this year we decided to go to the Smokey Mountains instead.

Christmas tree in Gatlinburg Tennessee

We stayed in Sevierville, Tennessee and visited many nearby destinations. Our trip to downtown Gatlinburg was a highlight of our trip. I loved seeing the downtown area all decorated for Christmas.

Our trip to Downtown Gatlinburg During Christmas! So Fun!!

There were these cute snowmen statues placed all over the downtown area. The kids loved posing with them for pictures! These snowman have the cutest faces!

Cute snowman statue in Downtown Gatlinburg Tennessee

The Honey Pot had their entrance decorated so cute for Christmas. We enjoyed checking out all of the shops in the downtown area. They were all so cozy and inviting.

a walk through downtown Gatlinburg

I love the rustic display in front of Tennessee Cider Co. The pine and berries were so festive and the large ornaments were a great addition. And what a creative way to decorate with wood barrels?!

cute Christmas decorations at Tennessee Cider Co in Downtown Gatlinburg

This display with Santa and the Christmas countdown in front of one of the candy shops was so sweet and festive. We had to watch them make candy in the candy shop and we even brought home a few types of fudge. It was delicious!

Santa Countdown display in Gatlinburg Tennessee

Here is another cute snowman statue! This one is holding a tray of cookies. I love the expression on his face!

So many cute snowman decorations in Downtown Gatlinburgh

The candy shops are a big hit with our bunch! I never knew downtown Gatlinburg had so many! The kids had to take a look at them all and were fascinated. Of course, we had to try a few samples!

We took a stroll through downtown Gatlinburg

The sweet shop was a favorite with the kiddos. This candy shop has pretty much any candy you can imagine, and they even have some crazy flavors! The ranch and bacon flavored sodas were definitely interesting. I was not brave enough to try them!

So many cool candies and treats at the Sweet Shop

We loved watching the taffy being made. It is mesmerizing to watch. I stood there for the longest time staring at go around and around on the machine! So cool!

We watched taffy being made in Gatlinburg

My kids were fascinated by this old telephone booth in The Village. They have never seen a phone booth before. They don’t know what it is like to not have a cell phone handy at all times! Haha!

Old telephone booth in downtown Gatlinburg Tennessee

This water fountain display in The Village was so beautiful! It had fire coming out of the top of the fountain while the water flowed out. It was so fun to watch!

Our trip to Downtown Gatlinburg During Christmas! So Fun!!

We had such a fun time visiting Downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The Christmas lights after dark were absolutely beautiful. We went during the daytime as well, but I highly recommend going after the sun goes down to see all of the festive Christmas lights!


A walk through Downtown Gatlinburg

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