I am so excited about this fun DIY Christmas project! I have admired Christmas Ornament Topiary decorations in stores for years, but the price tag has always made me cringe. Here is a step by step guide showing you how to make your own DIY Christmas ornament topiary, and maybe save a little money in the process.

This tall ornament topiary makes a bold statement and is a fabulous way to welcome guests to your home this holiday season! *Some links in this post may lead to websites where we are an affiliate. Click [HERE] for our disclosure statement.*

Make Your Own Christmas Topiary


To make this DIY Topiary you will need some kind of large urn or container to sit the bottom of the topiary down onto. You want for the largest ball ornament to be able to sit on top of the container. The ornament does not need to fit all the way down into the container, it just needs to be large enough for it to rest on top of it.

I knew that I wanted to make two topiaries to place on each side of my front door, so I found a couple of old cement planter pots that I used to have plants growing in, and that were now just taking up space in the garage to use as my base. I spray painted the pots with gold spray paint and then let them dry.

How to Make a Topiary with Christmas Ornaments

STEP ONE: Place your largest Christmas ornament ball (we used a 12 inch ball ornament) onto the base of whatever planter pot or container to choose to use, with the hanger end facing down into the container. You can place adhesive around the bottom of the ornament to keep in place. I suggest using E6000 adhesive rather than hot glue. It holds much better for this project. Then, glue a napkin ring to the center of the 12 inch ball ornament. Sit aside and let dry.

How to Make a Large Topiary
How to Make a Tall Christmas Topiary

STEP TWO: Using wire cutters, cut off the hangers at the top of your other two ball ornaments.

DIY Christmas Topiary

STEP THREE: Place the 10 inch Ball Ornament (hanger down) into a box, or something to stabilize it. Then, place another napkin ring onto the top center of the ball and glue it. Set aside to dry.

How to Create a DIY Christmas Ornament Topiary

STEP FOUR: Next, Place the 8 inch Ball Ornament (hanger down) into a box and glue the finial topper to the center of the top of the ball. Set aside and dry.

Make Your Own Christmas Topiary

STEP FIVE: Let the adhesive dry for several hours. Check to make sure that each piece is securely glued and that the glue has completely dried. Then, glue your ball ornaments on top of each other. The part where the hanger was goes down into the napkin ring, so you will want to put plenty of adhesive there. First, the 10 inch (second largest ball) ornament onto the largest ball ornament (the one that is already glued onto your container), and next the ball ornament that has the finial on top. Let dry overnight.


How to Make a DIY Christmas Ornament Topiary - So Easy!

I absolutely LOVE the way this DIY Christmas Ornament Topiary turned out. This is going to be such a cute and festive addition to this year’s Christmas decor. Let me know if you give this fun project a try!

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