A Christmas village is a beautiful tradition that your family can enjoy year after year!

Our Christmas village is such a special part of our Christmas tradition. Each piece has a special meaning and memory associated with it, and the tradition of decorating it is fun for the kids and the adults in our family. I hope seeing my Christmas village will inspire you to start your own.

Beautiful Christmas Village Ideas

Over the years we have acquired quite a collection of village pieces. We started our village with the town clock that was given to me by our Nana over twenty years ago.

How we decorate our Christmas village

Then we started adding a new village shop or cottage every year, along with new people, trees, animals, etc.

Friends and family have given me pieces as gifts. I have even received some that were hand painted and are so special to me. I love each and every one that I have been given.

We use boards and boxes to make the levels to display all of our Christmas village pieces. We try to make it look like our village is up in the mountains. We use tons of artificial snow to hide the cords and boxes.

Decorated Christmas Village inspiration

I love pieces that have character and charm. This farm is so sweet. We have cows, horses and a cute green tractor. This part of the village is a favorite for the little ones in our family.

Decorated Christmas village with trees and people

I found this Christmas tree a few years ago and I love how it lights up. It is nestled between two of the village cottages.

This “Wreaths 4 Sale” piece was gifted to me this year. I think it is so cute and perfect since I love wreaths so much!

This year’s Christmas village took four days to finish setting it up. I always try to make sure each and every Christmas tree, house, person, and shop in the village is in just the perfect spot. I end up moving things around a bit until I find just the spot. I like my village to tell a story. Some of the villagers are going Christmas caroling, some are ice skating, and some are finishing up last minute Christmas shopping.

A couple of years ago we changed all of the bulbs from incandescent to LED bulbs. Seven of our village pieces have movements, we have a total of three decorated light up trees, we have illuminated street lights, and even an illuminated campfire. They are all operated by nine separate low voltage transformers. The whole village is turned on and off with a remote control.

This decorated Christmas village is so fun and whimsical

I absolutely love decorating our Christmas village each year. This is such a fun tradition and I don’t feel like Christmas would be quite the same for our family without it. Our village gets bigger every year, but that first clock tower that I received over twenty years ago started it all. I am so glad I received it! Do you have a Christmas village that you display each year? Let us know in the comments!


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