The DIY Candy Christmas tree that I created this year is so festive and whimsical! It’s filled with fun sweet treats and yummy goodies that bring out the child at heart. Both children and adults will fall head over heals for this Christmas tree!

How to Decorate a Candy Christmas Tree

My Candy Christmas tree seriously makes me SMILE every time I go into my dining area and look at it. People always ask me how I create it and where all of the fun ornaments are from, so I thought I would share some tips so that you can easily create a candy Christmas tree on your own. *Some links in this post may lead to websites where we are an affiliate. Click [HERE] for our disclosure statement.*


STEP ONE: Choose a Christmas Tree. I used an old Christmas tree that I have had in my attic for years. My Candy Tree is not my main Christmas tree, so the tree that I used is a smaller 7 ft Christmas Tree. You can use either a traditional style Christmas tree or a snow flocked Christmas tree. Both look great, but I LOVE this flocked Christmas tree from Amazon, and you can’t beat the price!

Best Snow Flocked Christmas Tree

STEP TWO: Once you have Chosen your Christmas Tree, be sure to “fluff” out the branches well to get ready to add your mesh or ribbon. I used colorful deco mesh ribbon around my candy tree. Start at the top of the tree. Wrap the deco mesh all the way around the tree, and repeat until you get to the bottom of the tree. I left about a 6 inch gap between strands of the mesh. It took me two rolls of 10 inch by 30 feet mesh to go over the entire tree. Here is the exact multi-colored mesh that I used on my Candy Tree.

Rainbow Deco Mesh Ribbon

STEP THREE: Add ribbon. I used three different types of ribbon for my candy tree. A multi-colored polka dot ribbon, a red and white peppermint striped ribbon, and a colorful striped ribbon. You can make loops and place on the tree, or you can cut different length strands of ribbon and wire onto the tree. I did both.

Candy Striped Ribbon

STEP FOUR: Add a Garland. If you have a garland to go on your tree, now is the time to add it. I added an adorable donut garland to my candy tree and I absolutely LOVE the way it looks. You can find one similar to the one I used HERE.

Candy Themed Christmas Decorations

STEP FIVE: Add Ornaments. Now is the time when you get to add all the fun ornaments, sweet treats, and yummy goodies. It is best to start with your larger focal pieces first, and then add all of your smaller items. I used giant lollipops as my focal pieces, and then added tons of cakes, lollipops, cupcakes, gingerbread men, cookies, and colorful ball ornaments.

How to Decorate a Candy Themed Christmas Tree

Here is a list some of some of my favorite goodies and sweet treats that I have found to go in a candy Christmas tree. These are clickable links for your convenience.

How to Decorate a Candy Christmas Tree

I’m crazy about these fun peppermint candy floor decals that I found to go along with my candy tree! You can find them HERE

The cute gingerbread boys and girls came from Hobby Lobby!

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