There is no denying that farmhouse style has quickly and easily become one of the most popular trends in home décor in recent years (thanks, Joanna Gaines), but you don’t have to just live in the rural south to enjoy this decorating style; in fact, it has such a simplicity, warmth, and welcoming look that pretty much any home can benefit from the charming atmosphere that farmhouse style decor creates.

Farmhouse style table centerpiece with lantern

From the kitchen counters to the walls, farmhouse décor does more than just improve the way our homes look; it really makes you feel closer to nature and its bounty, and there are so many great ways you can decorate with it.

Best Farmhouse Style Decorating Tips

Aside from the fact that most farmhouse style typically constists of clean, neutral colors, people have fallen in love with the fact that it is a simple and unique way to add charm to a home. Just like nature, a simple and well thought out touch here or there will make your decor “pop”.

Simple Farmhouse style table arrangement

Farmhouse and rustic tables blend in well with contemporary tables to bring out a modern look, while chippy architectural elements mixed with traditional pieces makes a room look stylish.

Farmhouse style living room

An outdoor living space on your patio would go beautifully with a rocker or a swing, and don’t forget lots of potted flowers or plants. Distressed shelving adorned with mason jar accents or galvanized metal planters are a fun way to mix in some farmhouse style.

Farmhouse style cotton wreath and table decor

Tobacco baskets, candles, and galvanized metal containers are great for adding farmhouse charm to your home. Wire baskets come in different designs and sizes which can be used to hold flowers, accents, or are great to use for organizing and keeping things neat and tidy. They are durable and hold up well. Mason jars, boxwood topiaries, distressed candle holders, Ironstones, quilts, and wooden bowls are more items that you can use to decorate.

Farmhouse Style Decorations and Accents

Don’t forget about using the ever-popular magnolia wreath as an accent, and cotton wreaths on the front door make for the perfect way to welcome your guests. Add a touch of cotton and a bit of greenery to a natural grapevine wreath and you have yourself an elegant farmhouse wreath. You can easily make your own cotton stems with this step by step tutorial.

Farmhouse Style Decorating Ideas - Cotton Wreath

Your Farmhouse decor does not have to be cluttered. You can add farmhouse beauty to your home just by adding a simple display of vintage inspired accents, signs, wooden baskets, an antique cake stand, or a magnolia or cotton wreath hanging.

Farmhouse front porch decor is a timeless way to decorate.

The beauty of farmhouse décor is that it is timeless; and will be popular for many years to come. Best of all, its cozy and inviting, and it really makes a home feel comfortable. Boxwood wreaths are an excellent way to add a natural looking element to your farmhouse decor. I enjoy using boxwood in unexpected ways.

Farmhouse Style Boxwood Wreath

I love using farmhouse decor in the kitchen. Open shelving in the kitchen is very popular and allows for you to display antiques, family heirlooms, and vintage dishes and glasses. Signage is fun to mix in with your farmhouse style kitchen decor.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Ideas

There you have it! Simple ways that you can add farmhouse style beauty to your home. You don’t have to go all out with farmhouse, you can add an accent or two here or there and still make it look beautiful. I actually love mixing styles, so most of my own home is a mixture of farmhouse style and more modern prints and designs. Share this with someone who you think will love this style of decor!


An Easy Guide to Farmhouse Style Decor by Grace Monroe Home

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