A beautiful charcuterie board is a delicious way to level up your party or holiday snack table!

Charcuterie boards are super popular right now, and they are so simple to put together. Whether you are looking for a mixture of savory snacks, or sweet treats, these boards are an eye-catching way to add yummy goodness to your next party or gathering.

All you need to make a charcuterie board is a wood board or tray, and an assortment of whatever small snacks, appetizers, or desserts you choose.

A classic charcuterie board can be a fabulous idea for your next party of get together if you need something easy and delicious!

This charcuterie board is perfect for your next party of get together!

An assortment of meats, different types of cheeses, crackers, nuts, and berries all make great additions to charcuterie boards.

We added a cheese ball to this charcuterie board and it was so good. You can find the recipe for our cheese ball HERE. This cheese ball is so easy to make and always a hit at our family gatherings and parties! We also added some toasted baguette and different types of crackers.

This charcuterie board with cheese ball is so good!

I love adding olives and stuffed peppers to charcuterie boards. I always try to have an assortment of snacks that are both pleasing to the eye, and taste great! We made these roses with salami and pepperoni. I think they turned out so cute! Salami, prosciutto, and pepperoni are all great meat options to use for a classic style charcuterie board.

Many “experts” will say that the rule for charcuterie boards is to have your food items in 3s. Three meat options, three cheese options, etc… but I basically just add an assortment of things I like, and think my guests will enjoy.

a diy charcuterie board is so easy to make and tastes delicious

Hummus dips and fruit jams are fun to add to charcuterie boards and give guests many different tastes and textures to choose from. You can also add different fruits and berries to add a pop of color to your board.

Charcuterie boards are so easy to create and taste so good!

This desert board is filled with so many sweet treats! We used white chocolate covered pretzels, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. nuts, berries, chocolate covered peanuts, and lots of other goodies.

There are so many fun ways that you can create a DIY charcuterie board. You can create a classic charcuterie board, fruit and cheese board, dessert board, antipasto board, BBQ board, burger board, or even a taco board. The options are endless. The main thing is to have fun with it. I am sure whatever you create will be delicious!


Make a charcuterie board for your next holiday party or get together