Today, we’re going to create a gorgeous faux water floral arrangement that looks so realistic, your guests will think you’ve just brought fresh flowers into your home. Using artificial flowers and clear Elmer’s glue, we’ll make an illusion of water that adds an elegant touch to your floral arrangement.

The faux flowers, glass container, and materials for this arrangement can be found at most any craft store. Some links in this post may lead to websites where we are an affiliate. Click [HERE] for our disclosure statement.

How to Make a Faux Water Flower Arrangement Using Artificial Flowers and Elmer's Glue


Step 1: Select and Prepare Your Artificial Flowers

Start by choosing artificial flowers that match the look you’re aiming for. High-quality ones will provide a more realistic look. We used hydrangeas from Michaels for our arrangement. Trim the stems to fit your vase using wire cutters. Make sure the stems are evenly cut.

Step 2: Prepare the Faux Water

If you’re using decorative elements like pebbles or beads, add them to the bottom of the vase. Then, open the clear Elmer’s glue and pour it directly into the vase over the pebbles. Pour slowly to avoid bubbles and ensure an even spread. The glue will settle at the bottom and surround the stems, mimicking the look of water.

Step 3: Arrange the Flowers

After adding the faux water, arrange the flowers inside the vase to your desired look. You can add the flowers before, adding the faux water, however, it has always been easier for me to add the “water” before adding the flowers.

Step 4: Let it Dry

Allow the glue to dry completely. This process might take a few days, depending on the amount of glue you used and the humidity in your area. It’s important to avoid moving the vase during this time to ensure a smooth finish.

Step 5: Final Touches

Once the glue has dried, make any adjustments needed to the flowers. Your faux water floral arrangement is now ready to display!

Watch our Step by Step How to Make a DIY Faux Water Floral Arrangement Video:

Tips for a Perfect Faux Water Flower Arrangement:

  • Use Clear Elmer’s Glue: Regular clear glue from Elmer’s works best as it dries clear and resembles water.
  • Avoid Air Bubbles: Pour the glue slowly to prevent air bubbles from forming.
  • Choose Realistic Flowers: Choose high quality artificial flowers look for more realistic look.
  • Customize the arrangement: Feel free to get creative with different types of flowers, colors, and vase shapes to fit different seasons or events.
How to Make a Fake Water Flower Arrangement using artificial flowers and Elmer's Glue to give the illusion of water.

Creating a DIY faux water floral arrangement with artificial flowers and clear Elmer’s glue is a fun and super easy project that can enhance the beauty of any room. Happy crafting!

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