If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, I am sure that you have seen the pictures from my daughter, Stella’s, Spooky Halloween Birthday Bash we threw (if you aren’t following us on Facebook and Instagram, why not?!?! You definitely should be! lol) 😉

Stella turned five years old on October 16th – yes, FIVE – where did my tiny little baby go!!! Her big girl request was to have a spooky party where everybody dressed up. So, being the “go big or go home” type of gals we are, we planned a spooky Halloween birthday party. It was soooo much fun! Here are a few photos from the party!

Amanda Cleckler and Sherry Buckner of Grace Monroe Home

Green Halloween Punch

And just like that…my baby girl is not a baby anymore! We had such a good time at the party and it was fun getting to dress up!



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