No front porch is complete without a cute door mat or rug to welcome guests to your home. A great way to level up your front porch decor is to use not just a single rug, but multiple rugs. We call this layering your rugs. This is a popular and inviting way to add style to your home.

Step One: Choose the theme, or dominant colors that you want to use for your rug display. Here we have a fall theme, so we chose a rust orange color for our base rug. We chose a rug that matches the chair and swing cushions that we are using with our fall decor. Your base rug will be your largest rug. You want to choose a nice, sturdy material, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. Amazon is a great place to find rugs. This orange shag rug is 3′ x 5′ and is under $30. This rug is machine washable and can be season after season.

Solid Orange 3′ x 5′ Shag Rug

Orange Rug on Porch

Step Two: Choose either a neutral or patterned rug in a complimentary color to your base rug. This rug needs to be at least several inches smaller that your base rug on all sides. The black and white buffalo check rug that we used tends to go with most everything, is machine washable, and it is also from Amazon.

Black & White Buffalo Check Rug

Black and White Buffalo Check Rug

Step Three: Choose a fun, smaller door mat or seasonal rug to go on top. We love this pumpkin shaped “Welcome” door mat from Amazon!

Pumpkin Welcome Door Mat

There you have it! Layering rugs is a fun and simple way to spruce up your front porch decor. You can use whatever color combinations you like, and you can change our your rugs seasonally, or for different holidays. Let us know if you like to use a single, or multiple rugs when decorating!

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