Are you new to making wreaths and wondering what tools you absolutely MUST to have, without breaking the bank? Having the right tools will make creating your wreaths so much easier and enjoyable, but there is no need to purchase a ton of “extra” and unnecessary tools as a beginner. Here is a handy list of the must-have tools if you are new to wreath making. 

Having these wreath making tools will get you off to a great start and before you know it you will be creating gorgeous wreaths! *Some links in this post may lead to websites where we are an affiliate. Click [HERE] for our disclosure statement.


1. HEAVY DUTY WIRE CUTTERS – A good pair of wire cutters is absolutely essential in wreath making! This will be one of your most used and “loved” tools. Not only are they necessary for cutting wire, but you will use them to cut flower stems, and clip greenery. You want to be sure to purchase electrical wire cutters that are strong and durable enough to cut through thick stems. Greenlee is a great brand of wire cutters, used by many wreath making professionals.

2. SCISSORS  You will need a good, sharp pair of scissors to cut your ribbon. I do not recommend cutting wire or floral stems with scissors because it will cause them to dull very quickly.

3. HIGH TEMP GLUE GUN – Probably one of the most necessary tools in wreath making is a glue gun. You will need a high temp glue gun to attach your flowers, greenery, and other elements to your wreath. Use a liberal amount of glue to ensure that your flowers stay attached securely to your wreath base. We actually use a Glue Skillet to make our wreaths. They are little more expensive than a typical glue gun, but so worth it! (Here is the link to the Glue Skillet we use!)

4. GLUE STICKS – You have a high temp glue gun, so you are going to need a large supply of hot glue sticks. Since you will use the glue liberally you will go through quite a bit of it, so I recommend purchasing in bulk when possible.

5. FLORAL WIRE– Floral wire is used to attach signs to your wreaths, and you will also use a generous amount of wire to make bows. I recommend using 22 – gauge green wire.

6. FLORAL PICKS – Floral picks are good to add to stems that are too thin and won’t hold in place in your wreath. When you encounter a stem like this, I recommend wiring the flower stem to a wooden floral pick, and then gluing the pick into your wreath base to secure it. I also use a floral pick when adding grapes to my wreaths. I will wire the stem of the bunch of grapes to a pick and then glue into the wreath. Wood floral picks come in handy quite a bit so be sure to have them in your stash to keep on hand when making wreaths.

7FLORAL TAPE – Floral tape is a staple for a beginning wreath maker! You need it to wrap around and secure your wooden floral picks. You can purchase in a variety of colors, but I typically use green when making an everyday floral wreath.

8. STAPLE GUN – You will need a premium, heavy duty staple gun to attach signs to your wreaths. Attach pipe cleaners (or floral wire) to the back of your sign using a staple gun and then you can easily attach your sign to your wreath.

9CHENILLE PIPE CLEANERS– Pipe cleaners can be used to attach signs, and also to make a hanger on the back of your wreath. I typically use brown pipe cleaners when designing a grapevine wreath. I would use green when working with an evergreen or pine base.

10BOW MAKER – A bow maker will quickly become your best friend! There are several techniques to hand tie a bow, and while I do that on occasion, I think it is so much quicker and easier to use a bow maker. There are a few different bow makers on the market, but my favorite it the Bowdabra bow maker. It is simple to use and the finished result is a classic, beautiful bow! Click here for more of my favorite bow makers!

11. ROTARY CUTTER – A rotary cutter is necessary if you are making mesh wreaths. You can attempt to use scissors, but a rotary cutter will make your life a million times easier!

12. CUTTING MAT– A cutting mat is helpful both when making deco mesh wreaths, and when measuring ribbon for bows. This is an item I do not want to go without!

If you are serious about wreath making, I highly recommend checking out our Secret Supplier List HERE with the best places to purchase wreath supplies!

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