Check out our favorite Summer Ribbon finds for pretty, unique and colorful ribbon patterns for summer!

This Strawberry Wired Ribbon is so cute for summer! It is available in both 2 inches and 1.5 inches. This would be so cute in a strawberry themed wreath!

Strawberry Wired Ribbon for Summer

Daisy Ribbon – This Turquoise Daisy Floral Wired Ribbon is so beautiful! It will be great in summer wreaths and bows!

Turquoise Daisy Floral Wired Ribbon

Hot Pink Plaid Ribbon – Pink is the color of summer and this is the perfect pink plaid ribbon!

Pink and White Plaid Ribbon for Summer

Patriotic Flag Ribbon – This 4 inch flag ribbon is perfect for Fourth of July bows. It is extra wide ribbon.

Patriotic Flag Ribbon

Orange Polka Dot Ribbon – This vibrant and cheerful ribbon just makes you smile!

Bright Orange Ribbon with White Polka Dots

Rainbow Striped Ribbon – This bright and cheerful rainbow striped ribbon is perfect for summer!

Rainbow Striped Summer Ribbon

Cactus Ribbon – A summer ribbon that is just too cute to pass up! This comes in both 2 inches and 1.5 inches.

Cactus Ribbon for Summer

Summer Flowers Ribbon – This ribbon is so elegant and pretty! It will make a beautiful summer bow!

Summer Flowers Ribbon

Red Bandanna Ribbon – This Red Bandanna Paisley Ribbon is a must have. You can add it to a patriotic bow or use it on its own!

Red Bandanna Paisley Ribbon

Flamingo Wired Ribbon – What screams summer more than FLAMINGOS??? This ribbon is vibrant and fun, and the flamingos give it whimsical charm.

Pink and White Flamingo Wired Ribbon

Blue & Purple Watercolor Ribbon – This watercolor ribbon is so interesting and eye-catching. It is a fabulous option for summer wreaths and bows!

Blue and Purple Watercolor Ribbon

Cherry Ribbon – This ribbon is just adorable for summer!

Cherry Ribbon

Bright Polka Dot Ribbon – I love a good polka dot ribbon, and this is definitely one. This ribbon is great for summer!

Bright Polka Dot Ribbon

Picnic Ants Ribbon – This adorable red and white gingham ribbon is perfect for summer!

Red & White Gingham Ribbon with Ants

Bright Floral Ribbon – This summer floral ribbon has multi-colored flowers. It would be great added into your summer bows!

Wired Floral Ribbon for Wreaths & Bows

Bumble Bee Ribbon – I LOVE this ribbon and have used it many times! Bumble Bees are a signature of summer and so is this pretty ribbon!

Bumble Bee Ribbon for Summer Wreaths & Bows

Ladybug Ribbon – This Black & White gingham ribbon is so cute! It has ladybugs and daisies on it, and is PERFECT for summer!

 Black & White gingham ribbon with ladybugs!

Hot Pink & Lime Green Ribbon – This ribbon is a summer staple. It is so vibrant and cheerful!

Hot Pink & Lime Green Ribbon

Pink Lemonade Ribbon – This pink gingham ribbon has pretty lemons on it. It would make an adorable pink lemonade wreath!

Watermelon Ribbon – It doesn’t get much more “summer” than watermelons! This wired watermelon ribbon is the perfect summer ribbon!

Watermelon Ribbon

Yellow & Black Floral Ribbon – This ribbon is so unique! The black and yellow color combo really makes it POP!

Yellow and Black Ribbon for Summer

Pink & Red Apple Ribbon – This apple ribbon is so unique and pretty! I love the combination of pink & red for summer!

Red Apple Ribbon with Pink & White Gingham Background

I absolutely LOVE ribbon! The more colorful and patterned the better! I had so much fun finding all of these beautiful summer ribbons for you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


The Best Ribbons for Summer