This DIY Artificial Succulent Arrangement is simple to make and is so pretty! I absolutely LOVE artificial succulents…well, I love succulents in general, but since I can’t seem to keep real ones alive, fake ones it is. I make wreaths with succulents all the time, but I wanted to make something fun for my living room, and I was so excited when I found some artificial succulents at Dollar Tree.

The succulents aren’t the mini ones that I have seen at Dollar Tree in the past. They are full size succulents, almost identical to the ones I bought at Michaels recently, and paid considerably more for. I also found a galvanized metal planter, floral foam, and moss at Dollar tree, so this complete DIY artificial succulent arrangement was made with all materials from Dollar Tree. Pretty and cheap…SCORE!


  • Metal Planter – Container
  • Artificial Succulents (Assorted)
  • Floral Foam
  • Moss
  • Glue Gun & Glue

How to Make a Succulent Arrangement

The first thing that I did to make my succulent arrangement is place my floral foam into my container. My foam fit absolutely perfect, but if the foam you use is too wide, you can take a kitchen knife and cut it to fit. Sometimes when I make table arrangements I will glue the foam to the bottom of the container, but I did not do that with this succulent arrangement. I may want to change it out in the future, so I just placed the foam in there without gluing it and it fit nicely so I don’t think I will have any trouble with it staying put.

How to Make a Succulent Arrangement

Next, I started placing my succulents into the foam. Some of them I put in at an angle so that they would hang over the side just a little bit. I had an assortment of different succulents so I just spaced them out and tried not to put two of the exact same type right beside each other.

Dollar Tree Succulent Arrangement DIY

I kept adding succulents until I felt like there were enough. I did not glue any of the succulents in because mine are secure in the floral foam, but if you want to add a little hot glue to each succulent you absolutely could do that to give it a little extra security.

How to Make an Arrangement with Succulents - Cheap & Easy!

After adding all of my succulents, I started adding in my moss. I am using preserved moss from Dollar Tree, and I just place it wherever there are any “holes”, where the floral foam is showing through. I do not want any of the floral foam showing, plus I just think the moss gives it a rustic and realistic look. I use my hot glue gun and place small amounts of glue to secure the moss to the foam.

Dollar Tree Succulent Arrangement Tutorial #crafts #dollartree #succulents

Here is my finished succulent arrangement. I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out. It took me about 10 minutes to make and $12 in materials (I could have made it for less, but I like a lot of succulents!DIY Artificial Succulent Arrangement

Cheap and Easy DIY Succulent Arrangement

Faux Succulent DIY

(Yes, if you look very closely you can see my dog, Dexter, in the background of the last picture!) Hope you enjoyed this fun little diy project. I am obsessed with succulents so I am sure I will be making more of these in the future!


How to Make a Super EASY Succulent Arrangement #dollartree #crafts #succulents

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