Making a mop bunny wreath is such a fun and budget-friendly way to add a burst of Easter cheer to your home! With a few simple items from the dollar store, you’re all set to create something that’s sure to spread joy all around.

What You Will Need To Make a Mop Head Bunny Wreath:

  • One Bunny Wire Wreath Form from Dollar Tree
  • Two Mop Heads from Dollar Store

Wanna turn your mop into an adorable bunny? Easy-peasy! Just take out all the strings from the mop head to get started.

Alright, here we go – grab your mop strings and cut them right down the middle. Then, take those halves, and split them once more. You’ll end up with four shorter strings from each original one. Pretty simple, right?

Now, let’s dive into the fun part! Grab the edge of your Bunny wreath form and start with one of those cut mop strings. Bend it into a “U” shape so the ends meet up. Push the “U” part between the outer and middle wires of the wreath form.

Then, grab the two ends, loop them over the outside wire and tug them through the “U”, pulling them down to get it nice and tight. Moving on, snag the next mop string and do it all over again, making sure to snuggle each string right up next to the last one.

Alright, keep going around the bunny, following that outer wire – just stick to the round part of its body for now and leave the ears alone.

When you’ve got that bit done, hop over to the middle wire and repeat the process, circling all the way around. After that’s finished, move onto doing the center wires.

After you’ve got those three wires on the form finished up for your bunny’s body, just keep pushing that “U” shape under the wire, then flip the ends over and through the “U” before pulling everything snug. When the body’s all done, you’re gonna do the exact same thing with the ears, starting from the base near the body.

Continue with the mop string just like before, and once both ears are completed, you can trim the strings a tad so they stick up better. But hey, if cutting’s not your thing, feel free to just lay the strings down flat towards the middle each ear, all the way around. (When I made this bunny wreath I completed the outside ring and then did the ears before completing the rest of the rings, but the next one I make, I will make the ears last because I feel like that will be easier.) When you are finished, go wild with decorating your bunny! I threw on an adorable bow that I tied by hand. Isn’t that super cute?

There you have it…so simple and cute! Your adorable Easter Mop Bunny is ready to hang. This DIY bunny wreath is so much fun to create and it only costs a few dollars to make!

I think this mob bunny turned out so sweet, and it was so much fun to create. Let us know if you give this DIY spring Easter decor project a try and go here for another cute DIY spring table arrangement idea!

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