For those of us who love a little (or a lot) of bling in our lives, here is a super easy tutorial on making DIY glitter mason jars! These glitter painted mason jars are great to use for farmhouse style table centerpieces, vases, or makeup brush holders. They are a fun, easy way to add sparkle and bling to your home!

What you will need to make Painted Glitter Mason Jars:

How to Make Painted Glitter Mason Jars #masonjars #easycrafts #diy #diyhomedecor

Step One:

Find a well ventilated area (I painted my mason jars outside). Place your mason jar upside down and spray evenly with spray paint. Make sure to cover entire jar. Let dry for approximately one hour. (It may take more or less time to dry.)

How to Paint a Mason Jar - DIY Mason Jar Crafts

Step Two:

Make sure your mason jar is completely dry, then wrap a piece of paper around top 2/3 of jar and close with a small strip of tape to allow you to have a straight line for you to apply your coat of glitter.

DIY Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Step Three:

Use your paint brush to paint Mod Podge onto your mason jar. You will need to paint in sections so that the glue does not get tacky or dry before you have a chance to sprinkle on glitter. After you have painted the Mod Podge on the first section sprinkle glitter allover, and then repeat until your desired area is completely covered in glitter. Shake off excess glitter.

How to Paint a Mason Jar - DIY Mason Jar Crafts

How to Make Glitter Mason Jars Video:

These DIY mason jars are so cute and super easy so make!! I have these all over my house, Some I put fake flowers in and use as a cute diy vase, and one as a pen/pencil holder in my office. You could use this mason jar in so many different ways! I would LOVE to hear how yours turned out–comment and let me know!


DIY Glitter Mason Jar - Easy Mason Jar Craft Ideas

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