Over the years, we have literally made thousands of wreaths, and we have always gotten tons of emails from people asking us how they can make their own wreaths for their front door. Let’s face it, wreaths can get expensive if you are buying a new one every few months, so here is a guide for creating your own beautiful wreath.

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First things first, you will need a grapevine wreath base. I typically use a 14 inch grapevine base, but you can also use an 18 inch if it is easier for you to find. You will also need a pair of wire cutters, glue gun, glue sticks, a bush of daisies or other flowers of your choice (I used yellow daisies for this wreath), a bush of small “filler” flowers, a bush of greenery, the greenery that I used for this wreath is a grassy style greenery that I got from Hobby Lobby, and ribbon to make a bow. I use a Bowdabra bow maker to make my bows. I love it because you can make all kinds of bows, and it is a really inexpensive tool!

What You Will Need To Make This Front Door Wreath:

How To Make A Daisy Grapevine Wreath Video…

Don’t forget to join us on Facebook Live for our other wreath making tutorials! We always love connecting and engaging with our viewers and if you have any questions about wreath making, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. Happy wreathing!

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