Interior Design Trends in 2024: 13 New Styles You Will See Everywhere This Year!

Another monumental year in design and decorating has passed, and a new year is upon us, which seems unbelievable to think about. Interior design trends come and go with the seasons, but what lies ahead is an adventure in creativity and innovation, a celebration of sustainability and modernity. From eco-friendly furnishings, to bold hues, these are the 2024 interior design trends that homeowners and designers can expect to see everywhere.

I think you may some of these new trends quite surprising! Here are 13 of the top interior design trends this year.

1. Ruffles:

Ruffles are making a surprising comeback! Yes, ruffles! Mostly in home goods like pillows, comforters, and tablecloths. They are becoming so trendy again, and they are often paired with cute patterns like gingham, pastel shades, or bold stripes. The Amuse Bouche collection from Rose & Grey is an excellent example of using ruffles in interior design trends because it has everything you could want in it. These fun accent ruffles bring a sense of imagination and happiness into our homes, making them feel both cozy and lively.

Ruffles in home decor and accents

2. Illustrated Tiles:

No longer just geometric shapes, illustrated tiles are now one of the best ways to add color, design, and depth to our rooms. This change has been made possible in large part by British artist and designer Sasha Compton. She created hand-drawn vessels and tiles with very intricately decorated borders for her Ca Pietra collection. When you put these tiles on your walls or floors, they become works of Art that give the room character and personality.

using tiles in home decor

3. Retro Chic: a return to the 1970s:

The move of vintage and antique sellers online has sparked a new interest in retro styles, especially those from the 1970s. People love this period for being free-spirited and hopeful. Dark woods, lacquered surfaces, shaggy faux fur rugs, and low-sitting furniture are all popular again. They give modern rooms a retro yet stylish look.

rector chic home decorating

4. Rattan: Brings Back Glamour

Jonathan Adler, an interior designer, thinks that people will still be interested in rattan in 2024, but with a new twist. It will likely be mixed with bright colours, sculptural black steel, and high-gloss lacquer. Adler’s idea of rattan is grand and glamorous, suggesting a more refined and flexible way to use this ordinarily casual material.

Rattan in home decorating

5. Warmer Hues:

As we move into anew year, there are clear interior design trends toward warmer colors. It feels warm and cozy in these colors, which makes places feel more like home. This trend comes from the fact that people want coziness and closeness in their homes more and more.

Warm colors in home decor

6. Wide Open Spaces:

More and more people are appreciating open spaces in interior design. This style focuses on the comfort of a room, encouraging a feeling of openness and freedom in our homes. For this reason, people are trying to make spaces that are not only big but also peaceful and free of clutter.

Open concept home decor

7. Curved Silhouettes:

More and more people like curved silhouettes because they make rooms feel softer and more fluid. Moving away from straight lines and angles and toward curves in furniture, architecture, and home decor is what interior design trends are all about.

bold home choices

8. Minimalism Meets Nature:

Bold and down-to-earth, when minimalism meets nature, is moving to being a must in new interior design trends. Naomi Astley Clarke, an interior designer, thinks that 2024 will be a mix of nature and maximalism. Bold patterns and bright colors are mixed with natural finishes and materials in this modern home decor trend. Imagine a room with Marmorino walls, patterned curtains, and oak floors, as well as big indoor plants and nature inspired accents. It’s a style that’s expressive and based on real life.

Minimalism in home decor

9. Biophilic Design:

The idea of biophilic design is becoming more popular as an essential 2024 interior design trend. Bringing natural elements into our homes to make us feel more connected to the outdoors is the main idea behind this approach. You’ll see more natural materials like stone and wood, as well as lots of indoor plants, natural light, and patterns and textures that come from nature. This new interior design trend not only makes places look better, but it also makes people feel better and calms the senses.

Nature in home decor

10. Hillary Style:

The Hillary Style is quickly becoming one of the most popular design trends in 2024. There is a sense of calm luxury, an earthy color palette, a return to natural stone surfaces, and organic modern influences in it all. Warmer-toned woods are used a lot in this style, especially in furniture design. They give rooms a sense of grounded sophistication. The beauty of this style is that it can combine simple luxury with a warm, natural look, making rooms that are both stylish and welcoming.

Hillary style

11. Mixed Metals:

Mixing different metal colors in home decor is a fun style trend that helps to make stylish and peaceful rooms. This idea behind this trend is about putting together metals like brass, chrome, copper, and more to make inside spaces deeper, different, and exciting.

mixed metals in home decor

12. Industrial Style:

Industrial-style home decor combines traditional and modern styles in a way that works well. In particular, parquet flooring and rustic furniture are used to make industrial woodwork look nice. Instead of regular steel, there is a trend toward matte black metal, which gives rooms a sophisticated and modern look.

Industrial style decorating trend

13. Bold Hues:

Leah Alexander of Beauty is Abundant predicts a move towards vibrant and bold color choices. She anticipates a decline in the popularity of neutral palettes in favor of more audacious, saturated hues. This shift towards boldness is not just in paint colors but extends to tiles and other interior design elements, encouraging homeowners to make daring and personalized color choices.

Room with Bold bright colors

As you can see, 2024 is a year of exciting and at times, a bit surprising, changes in the way interiors are designed and decorated. From the frivolity of ruffles, to the strong statements of bold maximalism, these styles show that people want more freedom and comfort in their living spaces. As more people use these different styles, their homes will become more colorful, personal, and linked to nature.

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Interior Design Trends in 2024: 13 New Styles You Will See Everywhere This Year!