These Instant Pot boiled eggs are so easy to peel!

Easy to Peel Boiled Eggs - Instant Pot

Just so you know, I am OBSESSED with my Instant Pot. It is the best thing since sliced bread…for real y’all! It is awesome. It makes this crazy, busy, work at home mom’s life just a little less hectic, so I have embraced the trend, and I am LOVING it! One thing I do not love, is peeling boiled eggs. I love eating boiled eggs, and I don’t mind the actual boiling process, but I absolutely loathe peeling a boiled egg, especially a farm fresh boiled egg. I recently started boiling eggs in the Instant Pot, and let me tell you….it is so simple and the shells come off so quick and easy!

Easy to Peel Boiled Eggs


  1. Pour one cup of water into the pot, and place the eggs in a steamer basket if you have one.
  2. Close the lid, seal, and set for 6 minutes on manual at high pressure.
  3. It will take the Instant pot a few minutes to build to pressure and then 6 minutes to cook.
  4. Do a quick release
  5. Place the hot eggs into ice water to halt the cooking process and to not have the icky green coating on your eggs.

That’s it!!!  EASY PEASY, and trust me, your eggs will be so easy to peel!


Easy to Peel Boiled Eggs

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